Welcome to Applied’s basecamp while we work through the CVirus.

(For the chess players, go to chess.com and sign up for a free account. My username is nhlchessnoob. Let’s flex our intellectual muscle)

I anticipate hosting a livestream “devotion” at 10am each day that will be open to all Lutheran North students. Five minutes? I’m not sure. Links to the stream will be posted at MrHorvath.com as well as Twitter (@takecaptive)

  1. Applied students, your first assignment will be posted early morning Wednesday.
    1. You will be taking an anonymous survey.
    2. I’ll post the results, anonymously, on the forum.
    3. Your expectations will be to respond to the results Wednesday through Friday. I suspect the post will be closed Friday. We’ll see how the conversation goes, or does not go.
      1. I see myself posing questions and allowing you to comment on the results and comment on the comments

Any questions can be addressed to Mr. Horvath at, bhorvath@lhsa.com