Welcome to Mr. Horvath’s website. As of 2020/2021, Mr. Horvath will have been at Lutheran North for twenty years. 

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His current responsibilities are teaching 12th Grade Theology and at times, a Christian leadership class.  Lutheran North’s senior theology class is, Applied Christianity. Here we focus on three distinct areas:

  1. Christian ethics (homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, etc)
  2. Christian sanctification (sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, tattoos, etc)
  3. Christian apologetics (God’s existence, veracity of the Bible, etc)

The major task is showing young men and women what their Christian worldview looks like manifested in every aspect of their lives, while being challenged directly or indirectly by a secular, self-centered world. One does not have to commit intellectual suicide to be a Christian. “Intelligent Christian,” is not an oxymoron.

The class then spends a heavy amount of time on responding to questions and concerns people have regarding Christianity as well as challenging the young men and women in their definition and manifestation of what it looks like to be a Christian man or woman in the world today. 

Aside from teaching in the classroom, Mr. Horvath is also the head coach for North’s men’s soccer program

He lives by the USMC motto, Ductos Exemplos, which means, “leadership by example.” His primary task as he sees it is to challenge the young men and women in every aspect of their lives. Mediocrity is not acceptable. His expectations of himself and others is very high.