Years in the making, Mr. Horvath’s second book, Applied Christianity: Worldview Training for the 21st Century Christian will be available in 2020!

Applied Christianity contains most of the content discussed in the class by the same name. Expected retail is $20and is expected to be available on  Amazon.

Table of Contents is below, Great resource as students move from high school into college.

Current Table of Contents

Part I: God’s Existence
Chapter 1 Cosmological Argument
Chapter 2 Design Argument
Chapter 3 Ontological Argument
Chapter 4 Moral Law Argument and the Question of Pain

Part II: Worldviews
Chapter 5 Worldview Identification
Chapter 6 Intermission 1
Chapter 7 Worldview Application: Life Issues and Abortion
Chapter 8 IVF, Euthanasia, Stem Cell Research, Capital Punishment
Chapter 9: Intermission 2

Part III: Historical Christianity
Chapter 10 Gospel Authorship and Timing of the New Testament
Chapter 11 Corrupt Christianity, Corrupt Scripture
Chapter 12 Existence of Jesus
Chapter 13 A 5th Argument for God’s Existence: The Empty Tomb
Chapter 14 The Empty Tomb Changed Lives

Part IV: Influence
Chapter 15 Influence of Self
Chapter 16 Influences of Friends
Chapter 17 Influence of College

Part V: Dating and Relationships
Chapter 18 Tattoos, Piercings and Make-up
Chapter 19 Is She the One?
Chapter 20 The Dating Scene
Chapter 21 Distortions of God’s Intentions
Chapter 22 Intermission 3

Appendix: Memory, Class Videos, etc.