Program Lunch/Team Meeting/3v3 Tournament/State Championship Celebration
August 12th
Time: TBD but likely in the evening. Please block out 5pm-9pm.
Location: Practice field for tournament, main gym area for dinner. Media Center for formal activities relating to the celebration of the State Championship team from 1987.
To better be prepared for the lunch and making sure everything is covered, please follow this outline:
Freshmen: Those wearing numbers 1-10 Please bring fruits, veggies, salads. Those wearing 11 through 20 or more, please bring drinks. Waters, Gatorade, juice, etc.
Sophomores: Please bring paper plates, silverware, napkins and the such. (name tags?)Please bring deserts!
Juniors: Please bring desserts and pasta.
Seniors: Seniors, please a main meat dish (chicken, brats, etc.)  Coach DeCourval would LOVE to see some top of the line Taco Salad!