I recommend these books to read on your own time because I found them to be impactful, encouraging and/or educational:

  1. Rational Conclusions is an excellent book that justifiably questions the presuppositions of atheistic evolution and cosmology. If you have questions or know of someone who has questions regarding the “truth” of atheistic evolution and cosmology, this book is highly recommended. It can be purchased at Amazon.

2. Chasing Daylight

If you looking to be motivated and pushed to make the most out of every opportunity, this book will to the job. Wake up and seize each day as given to you by God. Chasing Daylight chronicles the adventures of Jonathan and David of the Old Testament. Become educated while you become motivated!

3. The Way of the Seal

Looking for mental toughness? Looking to figure out why you woke up today and how you are going to accomplish your ‘why?’ This book will assist you in you developing mental toughness and discipline as discussed in Applied Christianity. The ideas and thoughts expressed in the book are basic psychology and neuroscience put into practice. This is one of my top five all time reads, not because it’s military minded, but because the first half of the book is powerfully dynamic. Take control of your mind, read The Way of the Seal.

4. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

This simple to read leadership text highlights the very basic tenant of leadership: serving others by setting an example. This book is a must read for those who are looking to be positive influencers and leaders as opposed to ineffective lumps on a log. If you are looking for a place to start on developing yourself as a leader, I highly recommend this title, as well as the book below.

5. How to Influence People

An excellent read on how to be a leader. That is, how to influence others not for the sake of self, but for the greater good.

6. No god but God

As the author states, the book is not a systematic attack on Islam. Rather it is a comprehensive comparison between Islam and Christianity.  While well-meaning individuals say,  “Everyone worships the same god,” they are misled in their conclusion. This book carefully elaborates the differences between two of the most popular religions in the world.